He's All That

He's All That ½

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I honestly didn’t hate the performances, but this movie was as cringe as advertised. Nothing about the story is remotely fresh or engaging, and most of the characters treat each other terribly. Why is the dance number at the end so long? Why does almost every “romantic” scene feel so cliché? Why is Matthew Lillard not playing every single character here? His five minutes may go down as some of the best in cinematic history. I know little about Addison Rae, but she was honestly fine. A few of her scenes are cringe, but she is not the main problem. The writing is the main problem. It is absolutely abysmal at times. It was just hard to get through. There isn’t much more to say that I didn’t talk about in my video, but if you are still reading, I hope you have a fantastic day today. Go out, have fun, and make it a good day. You deserve it.

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