Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★½

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Today was moving day in the “Burke household” AKA small apartment. And I believe Ant-Man put me in an MCU mood because I followed up Winter Soldier with Homecoming and I regret nothing. This film so much fun and I always smile while watching it. Holland as Peter is just perfection and I particularly enjoyed Ned this time around. 

Since I’ve reviewed this before let’s hit on some random points. I like Zendaya but I just can’t stand her character in this. She has two moments that made me giggle but her lines come off as so awkward and stale. I really hope they write her character better in the sequel and give her something to do because she’s really what brings this film down for me. I won’t say it’s just her because some of the other side characters have strange dialogue (but it’s mostly her). 

Overall, this may be the most fun movie that the MCU has to offer (arguably) and I am so pumped to see more from this world. They nailed the John Hughes feel and considering Ferris Is one of my favorite characters ever; this makes me so happy seeing it in a superhero film. Also, shoutout to Michael Keaton for always killing it in everything.

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