100 Tears

100 Tears ★★★


Not nearly as scary as the one-sheet suggests, 100 Tears is far more concerned with how much blood is spilled than in generating any sense of terror or suspense. The sound of a large sponge fat with water being quickly wrung out on a cement floor is the foley artist's goto effect, and it accompanies every dismemberment; and there are a lot.

Too dark to be fun and too amateurish to be taken seriously, Marcus Koch's 100 Tears succeeds mostly because it keeps moving. Oddly enough the sight of an overweight clown wielding a fucking gigantic meat cleaver, hacking and slashing his way through human flesh never gets tiring, and the story-building scenes featuring a husband and wife journalist team investigating the serial murders is just passable enough for the film to never drag its feet. Probably because the husband is played by the film's writer, dictating a certain level of investment. I would have preferred 100 Tears to go deeper into the profane (when you've seen one victim playing with his entrails you've seen them all) and nihilistic abyss of chaotic oblivion, but as it is the bits of comic relief and lackluster acting are skillfully balanced by the silent unstoppable menace of the clown killer, creating a fun little indie horror splatterfest. That ending though...really?