Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★★

While a vague feeling persists that I'm being handled by DC and Warner Bros., with their forced continuities between films and trendy world-building, the fact remains that these films are simply NOT Marvel - not tired retreads of the same old shopworn formula. They might not be charging onto the scene with the quality of the first Iron Man, but Suicide Squad in particular knows how to have fun, something The Avengers seem to have forgotten. Sure it's messy, but it's a blast. Margot Robbie hasn't appeared this confident and brazen since, well you know, Will Smith is surprisingly effective, and Jared Leto rises to the challenge of portraying the first live-action Joker in nearly three decades of cinema that is not required to steal the show, by playing him, ironically, as a cartoon character. David Ayer is the absolute right director for this, his characters awash in the decadent polish of 2014's Sabotage, combating the requisite PG-13 rating, rather than succumbing to it, with wit, charm and chemistry, through a serviceable story obviously meant as a vehicle to introduce this gallery of rogues, who believe it or not have a good chance of succeeding in their inevitable solo outings. More please.