• Eyes of Fire

    Eyes of Fire


    Oh my god that was creepy! I was reminded several times of David Lynch.
    We desperately need a Blu-ray from Arrow or Severin or something. I had to watch a fullscreen bootleg.

  • Grave Robbers

    Grave Robbers


    Now I’m curious about the Mexican horror scene in the eighties. There wasn’t much of one to my knowledge, but I’ll have to find out if there’s anything else like this out there. 

    NOTE: The teenagers practically disappear for the latter half of the film, which means there’s basically no character development after that, as it descends into a long chase scene. That’s the biggest issue. But I did love it! Reminds me of Lamberto Bava’s Demons.

  • The Passing

    The Passing


    If you mixed The Shawshank Redemption with Wax and Soylent Green, and gave it a very low budget, it might look something like this. Except it would exceed even those expectations and become brilliant, and totally unique.

  • Peaches


    “Here little girl, smoke some dope.”

    I’ve never seen Peaches from 2000, but I did just watch Alex de Renzy’s 1978 pornographic film, Pretty Peaches. 
    I didn’t know what to expect. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full length porno outside of Jean Rollin, Jess Franco, and movies like The Sinful Dwarf. 
    It’s not too far removed from the exploitation films I usually watch, only there’s real sex, of course. There’s even a very graphic enema scene, which is…

  • Aquaman


    I would never watch Auquaman, but I did watch Shaun Costello’s Water Power (1976). It’s kind of a masterpiece of horror porn. If you put this in the same category as slashers, then it’s one of the most disturbing slashers I’ve ever seen. I had to look away several times, mostly out of disgust. But it wasn’t just disturbing because it was disgusting, it was also legitimately horrific. 
    On the other hand, the nurse was hot. 

    I need a palette cleanser like never before. I’m gonna go watch WKRP in Cincinnati.

  • Brideless Groom

    Brideless Groom


    Shemp has to get married in seven hours in order to receive a large inheritance. There’s one problem, though... he’s Shemp. Chaos ensues.

  • Sing a Song of Six Pants

    Sing a Song of Six Pants


    “Do you dye?”
    “No, that’s his natural expression.”

    The Stooges had been going at it for at least 17 years at this point, but it feels energetic and effortless (that sounds like an oxymoron).

  • Dancing Lady

    Dancing Lady


    I always appreciate it when a movie from this era has a lot of camera movement. Constant static shots can get boring, or even appear cheap. 
    Dancing Lady is a risqué pre-Code drama. I’ve never heard the term “striptease” so many times in a 1930s film. The scandalous subtext is so upfront, it’s basically just text. 
    My DVD stopped working for no reason so I had to wait for a replacement! I lost my enthusiasm for writing a long…

  • West of Hot Dog

    West of Hot Dog


    The funniest part to me was when they straight up throw Stan out a window, and the slow speed at which his body falls just makes it hilariously brutal. They really do some damage but Stan just won’t die. 
    The body down the hatch was pretty good, too.

    NOTE: I assumed Hardy would be in this, but he is not.

  • Sally of the Sawdust

    Sally of the Sawdust


    Griffith’s only feature comedy, eh? I’ve also never seen a feature length WC Fields film from the silent era. I’m sure I’ll be hearing his iconic voice in my head throughout. 
    I think Sally of the Sawdust has been incorrectly tagged with the comedy label. Eighteen minutes go by before the first significant comic set piece, with a giant brawl at the circus. I wouldn’t call it a comedy. It’s a drama with some humor here and there... which…

  • All the Sins of Sodom

    All the Sins of Sodom


    Oh goddammit! It’s the hairy guy from Vibrations! I never want to see him shirtless ever again. Not a good way to start things off. The vibrator makes an appearance, too. I’m ok with that. 
    The weirdo homeless girl (Marianne Prevost) is cool, though. Her dynamic with the blonde model was my favorite part. She only appeared briefly in Vibrations, but she definitely got my attention. She has a mysterious aura. Like some spaced out mystic bohemian. Our hero photographer…

  • Long Live Death

    Long Live Death



    -Why are they touching tongues??
    -What the hell is he doing to this guy’s head?!
    -I wonder if the muzzles were a real thing. 
    -What the fuck?
    -Why so much emphasis on the pissing?? That was annoying. 
    -More fucking flatulence? Does every movie I watch now have to have flatulence and urine?!
    -Creepy ass funeral... oh my fucking fuck why did he just do that?!
    -Why did she grab his crotch?
    -His own balls?
    -Don’t fucking eat…