Buck and the Preacher

Buck and the Preacher ★★★★

It’s like a poison sucked into the ground

A dynamite buddy western rivaling the likes of BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID

Back by the triple thread of a directing, producing and acting Sidney Poitier in his directorial debut. Behind the camera, he uses his acting experience to his advantage: creating a tone and form that feel completely in control. Solemn without being humorless, revisionist without being forceful — juggling drama, action and comedy rather seamlessly. Abundant with dynamic shootouts, tense conversations and cheeky wit; presented with ravishing care and some great shot composition.

Speaking of composing, let’s not forget the MUSIC! God bless Benny Carter for having a Sicko Mode moment — unleashing a wave of country-blues that accompany the adventure. The results make this a good time, even when you are thinking about the tribalist, violent past of America.

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