Bad Trip ★★★★

Dumb and Dumber remixed as a Jackass joint, the film stands out from the usual hidden camera prank format by portraying the unsuspecting public in a positive light. They’re  frequently shown coming to the aid of the characters, lending the piece a surprisingly life-affirming and generous vibe. Aside from some killer gags (three of which produced the biggest cry-laughing fits that I’ve experienced during the pandemic), the film’s sheer commitment to subverting romcom tropes is commendable and puts to film on a similar plane with David Wain’s output. I’m sure that if you’re not already onboard Eric Andre’s wavelength this movie is beyond insufferable, but this is the kind of gloriously stupid comedy that really hits my forever 12 years old sweet spot. Another thing in its favor is that it features a better hit-to-miss laugh ratio than Borat 2 and doesn’t feel the need to score obvious points with its social commentary. Also, a road movie where the protagonist’s reliance on the kindness of strangers (played by non-professionals) actually propels the story along; the last thing I expected this film to be was a spiritual companion piece to Nomadland.

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