• Super Mario Bros.

    Super Mario Bros.


    It’s not exactly *good*, but it’s certainly unique. Nothing like this would ever get made today. I really dug the practical creatures! Yoshi looks better than 99% of CG creations.

  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    The prologue and some of the fights and gruesome kills are pretty cool, but I never really cared about any of the characters. And then there’s not even a tournament? The whole thing feels like an ad for its own sequel.

  • Sisters



    Very effective, stylish thriller that mashes up parts of Psycho and Rear Window with some fun body horror and De Palma’s trademark voyeurism. The anti police stuff holds up, but the movie’s attitudes towards mental health are, uhm… somewhat less than enlightened.

  • Bad Hair

    Bad Hair


    The actual “hair murder” scenes are often extremely silly and it’s never totally clear to me how much of that is or isn’t intentional. BUT I loved the setting, themes, and characters and the look and style of the film. I can understand if some people can’t get over the silly hair horror, but they’re missing out on a very interesting, darkly comic exploration of the colonization of Black culture and the cost of forcing everyone to adhere to white beauty standards.

  • The New Mutants

    The New Mutants


    Pretty boring and uneventful for almost an hour, then it gets a little scary, until they finally remember in the last 15 minutes that this is actually a big superhero movie and they’ve got like another $50 million to spend. 

    Nice to finally get some actual lgbtq representation in a Marvel movie, though!

  • Twilight Zone: The Movie

    Twilight Zone: The Movie


    Prologue: pretty good! Not a bad start.

    Segment 1: Somewhat dated in its approach to racism and ends too abruptly, but I guess they had to work around the tragic on-set deaths.

    Segment 2: Yikes. Horrible schmaltz and a cringe-inducing “magical negro” character. Quite possibly the worst thing Spielberg ever directed.

    Segment 3: This one’s a lot of fun! Loved the cartoon monsters.

    Segment 4: The best one! George Miller directs the hell out of it, Lithgow is great, and I love the ending.

  • Love and Monsters

    Love and Monsters


    I liked Love and Monsters a lot! It's rare to see a fun, mainstream genre flick like this that isn't based on a comic, YA novel, etc., these days. Loved the world building and all the characters, but especially the dog and the robot!

  • The Scary House

    The Scary House


    Definitely one of the better German-language horror movies out there, even if it’s clearly aimed at kids. It’s not particularly scary, but the setting and characters are fun, and I really liked the look and the 80s synth score.

  • Unhinged



    Great movie for people who dislike cars.

  • Maggie Simpson in The Force Awakens from Its Nap

    Maggie Simpson in The Force Awakens from Its Nap

    Shameless, lazy corporate cash-grab. Even by the Simpsons' current standards, this is sub-par.

  • Cujo



    The second half of this is as terrifying and gnarly as the first half is boring. I did not care about the mom's infidelity or the dad's work problems, but once the dog attacks start, it's very effective and scary.

  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines


    This is really cool! Probably the most visually ambitious big-budget animated movie since Spider-Verse, and very funny, too.