Suicide Squad

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Can we please also talk about how little of a reason to exist this film gives itself? I mean the justification it uses for why the Suicide Squad need to exist makes no sense. Superman is dead, but who will be there to fight the next Superman, if the next Superman is bad? Oh I don't know...maybe Batman? Or The Flash? You know, those willing, good-spirited guys who you've clearly had previous contact with? Especially when one of them already did fight Superman? Nope...we're gonna complicatedly assemble a task force of bad people who I think can do some good. Amanda Waller is delusional and bad at her job. This movie doesn't even have reason to be a movie in the confines of its own universe. A universe that it also works so hard to build upon.

Just had to mention that, but I didn't want to have spoilers in my original review, which is right here:

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