Suicide Squad ★★½

Who the hell is responsible for bringing a 13 year old's DC fanfic to life?? I demand answers! Enchantress, go find them!

After avoiding this movie for weeks, I finally sat down and watched it tonight. My two and a half star rating is partly for the one person who made this film semi-worth watching: 1 star for "Margot," another star for "Robbie."  Will Smith as Deadshot and Viola Davis as Amanda "The Wall" Wallace, together, are a close second and each hold their own, but to me it is Margot Robbie alone who steals the show with as much ease as her character Harley Quinn steals...well, everything. 

The remaining half star of the review is for the film's sheer entertainment value. Does this movie lack depth, have a 7th grade level script, miscasting #CARADELEVINGNE, and major plot holes? Yep! Is it still fun to watch? *Sarah Palin voice: You betcha!

Look, I get it. This movie was made so that other movies/spinoffs could be made. It was the shitty stepping stone to what will hopefully be a decent franchise. As long as the 13 year old they contracted to write this film's script is fired, and Cara Delevingne is never to be seen again in the series, I will remain hopefull for the upcoming spinoff films. 

Honestly though, I can't even imagine the confusion of those that went and saw this movie with little to no context of the series and its characters. So much is glided over or not even explained at all. I had to tap into prior knowledge from comics to fill in most of the blanks, which is probably what is also contributing to me not giving this film a lower score. 
Side note: Should every potential patron of a super hero/villain movie have to have weeks, months, or years of comic book reading under their belt to understand a film?? Absolutely not, and I've noticed this is becoming a common problem in comic inspired movies. Someone shouldn't already have to be a super-fan to understand what is supposed to be an introductory movie. 

I was/still am, lucky enough to have a younger brother who absolutely loves all things DC-- has since he was a kid. With the exception of this film, he's always persuaded me to read, watch, and play all things DC with him. I've never minded though because I actually genuinely enjoy the DC universe and his enthusiasm for it.  
I'm not sure what exactly held me back from initially seeing this movie, though. I guess deep down I knew it probably wouldn't meet the hype, and I was also extremely hesitant to see Jared Leto's interpretation of the Joker, a character I've long had an affinity for. [He's unfortunately not in this film long enough for me to ultimately decide how 'good' he was/is. His laugh needs to stop though lol]
I am by no means a comic snob- not even close- but my intuition turned out to be right about this film even though going into it, I actually hoped it wouldn't be. A lot could have been done to make it better, but I don't have all night to list every detail, unfortunately.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to go learn how to be a badass bitch like Amanda Waller ✌️

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