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  • The Banishment

    The Banishment


    The fact that I have to put a high 4.5 which may even go up to a 5 AT NUMBER THE NUMBER 4 SPOT OF MY RANKING ON A GUY WHO HAS ONLY MADE 5 FILMS just shows you how much of a fucking GENIUS Andrey Zvyaginstev is. He and Pawlikowski are my 2 favorite directors working today. Andrey, you’re a god amongst men.

    Also I started this last night but just finished and this is officially my 200th log…

  • The Honeymoon Killers

    The Honeymoon Killers


    I actually really liked this and I would totally watch it again just for fun but I thought that the writing was just decent, the acting was meh, and the editing was kinda sloppy so I couldn’t have given this a 4 stars but I did really enjoy it!

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  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk


    possibly the purest display of intimacy and passion i’ve ever seen on screen. i believe this is Jenkins’ best work thus far

  • Dogtooth



    yeah i’m gonna be honest, i have literally zero opinion about this film. i didn’t like it, i didn’t dislike it, i just sat down and stared at a screen for 97 minutes and that was about it tbh.