tense, gripping, and just so simply horrifying (in a good way) to watch, this movie couldn’t get anymore iconic. it’s always hard for me to like old horror cult classics because i always feel left out or underwhelmed but this wasn’t the case at all. i was instantly drawn to the creepy   atmosphere which glued me to the screen even when my power cut out like 50 times, mike meyers is one interestingly demented madman. the more the movie rolled on the more i wanted to see what happens and how it’ll play out but what truly surprised me was the sleek cinematography, which is something i totally didn’t expect to find here. just seeing mike stand behind a tree or a bush sent shivers down my spine and if that isn’t a horror idol then i don’t know what is. i’m going to try to watch more classic horror stuff all throughout october i’m already off to an excellent start here so this is gonna be fun !!

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