The Favourite

this hurt me more than anything ever will. a movie with my favorite actress literally called the favourite? how on earth could i not be excited. 
technically this movie is deserving of all the praise, everything from the sets to the camerawork to the soundtrack is top notch. alas, everything else was so hollow for me. it felt like i was watching things happening without truly getting engaged in the story which is so weird for a yorgos film. the most interesting part for me in all his other work is definitely the crazy story and how it adapts and evolves, but here the way it rolled on was boring and dare i say predictable? performances were great overall i personally think rachel weisz is the stand out she had this amazing, powerful, sexual aura around her at all times it was mesmerizing. maybe it was just me but the last half hour was very tacked on and i almost fell asleep thankfully the ending is kinda cool but still i expected a bigger gut punch from yorgos, granted this is history we’re talking about you can’t really change anything i guess.
although i’m extremely disappointed in myself right now i’m gonna allow my brain to sit with it for a while and hopefully on a rewatch i’ll fall for it like i so desperately wanted to, please emma if you’re reading this don’t judge me.

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