Tomb Raider

i’ve always been an uncharted fan but i’ve tried tomb raiding a couple of times and it’s safe to say that this movie captures the essence of the video games in a sweet and touching manner. it’s far from being the worst video game movie ever i mean it does have some amazing action scenes and alicia v ( i honestly can’t spell her name right if my life depended on it i’m so sorry ) was fun to watch as the iconic character but other than that .......crickets...... every other character was so basic and pointless and almost as generic as the plot. i can appreciate the offbeat , video-gamey feel to the film but unfortunately it can’t hold for more than 2 hours which leads to an extremely shaky and expected ending. i wouldn’t mind a sequel to this after all it is a “popcorn movie “ but with a tiny bit more flair and style. 
now if you’ll excuse me i’ll be here worrying about the upcoming uncharted movie starting tom holland like tom i love you but WHAT?!?

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