Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★★

I’ve spent a lot of the last few weeks thinking about this film.

At first I thought of the stories I’ve heard/been told in confidence of predatory men in various film-or-friend circles, and wondered what they would think of a film like this. So out of morbid curiosity I looked a handful of them (that haven’t blocked me) up on various platforms and sure enough, case-for-case, glowing reviews! ‘what a badass’, 'fuck those guys’ et al.


So THEN I thought “well are these guys a) putting on a facade to ease & trick people into thinking they’re a ‘good guy’? Or b) they’re such a desensitized sociopath they’re able to disassociate and not see themselves in some of the male characters despite evidence to the contrary, to a point where they truly believe they actually ARE a good guy?”

Well THEN I thought “if it’s “A” then it’s clearly working because a lot of my mutual friends seem to be falling for it and liking this/giving them props.”, which of course led me to think “I wonder how many of these people know the truth about them... and don’t care. Maybe they even have their own a-or-b scenario I should be concerned about?"

But THEN I thought “I wanna give a few choice words and wring some 'good-guy' necks, or if nothing else warn people, but it’s not my place to make that choice and I have to think of the consequences of x & y and at any rate most (jk all) of these guys have either money or power or parents-with-money-and-power so nothing would probably happen to them anyway"

So THEN I thought “is this just a perpetual, unwinnable cycle where we’ll keep having more and more of these monsters get away with the worst possible thing you can do to another human being, feel nothing, lose not a wink of sleep, and get away scot free? Is society that lost, are people so morally desolate?"

And then I thought about the victims, and how fucked up it is it took me six paragraphs before I thought about them at all. And then I thought about that.

Anyway it's a great film it just made me viscerally angry and sad, which is what it's supposed to do.

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