Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

This far exceeded my expectations. It was exciting and enjoyable whilst staying surprisingly dark for a Marvel film. It was imbued with the iconic playful, pop culture reference filled humor yet also with an inescapable tenebrosity that creepily lingered in await to strike, and when it did, it struck hard.

It certainly took an emotional toll for Marvel enthusiasts, whom should brace themselves for an all-around rollercoaster. This 149 minute spectacle extended beyond the formula of run-of-the-mill superhero films and presented something remarkable. It once again had a magnificent villain, who in addition to his brilliantly twisted morals for once formed an actual threat to the heroes. A refreshing breeze of newfound helplessness has now blown a bleak chill over the usually sunlit MCU, which forms curious concerns for its future. Magnificent in scale, hilarious and incredibly exciting yet also mature and notably dark; this will inevitably go down as a quintessential addition to its genre.

I am personally not entirely familiar with the MCU. Only having seen a couple of features, none of which being part of the iconic Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy franchises, I quietly feared the likelihood of my incomprehensibility. To my relief I understood the gist of the film despite my scarce knowledge. I can however fully understand that this film is a much greater and unquestionably heavier experience for die-hard Marvel enthusiasts. As for me, it certainly did spark an interest to further delve into the MCU and watch the films that took place prior to the events of Infinity War for a better understanding of the full picture. However, it remained an incredibly enjoyable watch, even without much foregoing knowledge.

And the scene where T'Challa yells "Wakanda Forever!" right before the battle unleashes? I felt that.

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