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  • Curtains



    aZuuL’s 2🍒21 Movie Challenge: A Year With a Bloody Cherry On Top !

    January - Winter Wonderland Month

    Week 2 - Frozen Water Week !?

    For this week I dusted my copy of Curtains by Synapse.

    This movie suffers a lot from tensions between its ideas. It wants to be a North American slasher and on the other hand it walks the line of a more stylish Italian production. The meaning of the doll is never fully explored and…

  • The Dyatlov Pass Incident

    The Dyatlov Pass Incident


    aZuuL’s 2🍒21 Movie Challenge: A Year With a Bloody Cherry On Top !

    January - Winter Wonderland Month

    Week 1 - Up High In the Mountains Week

    Normally I have a soft spot for Renny Harlin his movies, but this found footage film was kind of a hit and miss for me.

    Based on one of Russia's most mystery shrouded incidents from the fifties, it got my full attention.

    Nothing wrong with the buildup, getting the team on its…

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  • Terror Train

    Terror Train


    aZuuL's 2🐸20 Movie Challenge: A year of kissing frogs and croaking darkness upon the world !

    Week 1 - Scream Queen Week

    I upgraded this title and picked up the blu from 88 films. Not my favorite artwork, but it's a decent release !

    Every time I see this film its get better and better ! It wins me over with its charms. And with young man David Copperfield on board to do some neat magic tricks, what's not to…

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    FRIGHT-WEEN 2🎃20

    31 Days of Halloween - October 10

    The Eggers brothers bring us a haunting old fisherman's tale influenced heavy by Ingmar Bergman and Lovecraft. Even little nods and winks are given to the classical pirates !

    After putting himself on the map with The Witch, Eggers continues with amazing atmospheric filmmaking. The Lighthouse is an experience you won't soon forget. Pattinson and Dafoe will glue you to screen with their chants, jokes, dialogues, tirades, fighting and drinking.

    I'm baffled that "The Lighthouse" didn't get the recognition at the Academy Awards, it deserved way more nominations ! They didn't like Eggers "cooking" I guess.