Doctor Sleep ★★

I'm not a major Shinning or Stanley Kubrick fan by any means, but I have seen the original all the way through a day before I saw Doctor Sleep. It's really telling how much I learned to appreciate the hard visceral work that went into that great classic. Even if I don't consider it the best horror movie like everyone else does.

This takes everything that the original did and made it BORING to slog through. Which really disappointed me because I liked two of the previous movies that this director made. Oculus is a phenomenal psychological modern horror that still holds up really well, and Hush while not the greatest was otherwise very entertaining and unique with it's premise. With that said this movies writing feels like amateur work. It was overtly long to the point where I can feel every second of the run-time, there are inconsistencies with the characters and their decision making, hell even the acting wasn't really all that special! And the acting in Oculus is in my opinion damn near Oscar worthy.

I honestly tried everything in my power to like it but truth be told, I just couldn't muster up anything that I genuinely liked about it. The new Abra character on the flip side was a much more interesting character and I honestly wished the movie followed her for the most part and then maybe introduce Danny later on in the film. Even if I think at times her bravery was a bit much for my suspense of disbelief, especially for a 13 year old. The actress was great too, hope she gets a lot more work in the future. The Shinning lore behind the power was pretty neat too, but it's not enough to carry this otherwise boring piece of homework.

Yeah overall I'd give it a 4/10, shame really.

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