Oculus ★★★★

I originally watched this film with my family back around the time when it came out, and initially I wasn't a fan of it because I was a dumb kid. Now, after revisiting it as an adult I can certainly appreciate so much that went into this movie. It was genuinely intriguing with horrific concepts here and there (save for like, one or two lame as hell jump scares/fake outs) that kept me invested for the majority of it's run time. Karen Gillan did a good job making me believe in her character trauma and Brendon Thwaites was a solid lead into making me question everything going on with the supposedly cursed mirror. And by the end of it you're left feeling really bad for his predicament. The effect's still hold up to this day and the trip like effect it had on the character's was pretty damn clever.

A solid 8/10 should do it for me here.