The Favourite ★★★★½

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You may know I’m really decided to say I am Yorgos’ hoe. No kidding. This movie is literally his best work and believe me when I say this; and I’m totally not hyping! It dethroned The Killing of a Sacred Deer, a.k.a. my beloved one, so yes, this is a big thing.

There are so many great elements I’d like to bring them up I just don’t know where to start. One of my favourite things is that it can manage in a perfect way between comedy and drama, all setted up, perfectly. With no faults or exaggerating, just in the perfect balance.

Something I’d also like to mention is the performances. Literally every single person in this cast managed to do a great job; but Olivia, Rachel and Emma did it wonderfully. There is absolutely no way you can’t tell me they don’t deserve literally every award for this, seriously! It comes in a very natural way and you can see yourself inside the story easily.

Lanthimos is not my favourite director and his style is clearly not the one I love, but there is something in his movies that always catch my eye. The Favourite clearly couldn’t be different. All the tensions built within the three women is well-written and so is the script, with very great dialogues and an awesome script. Believe me when I say this is his best work so far and I’m gonna keep on hyping whatever he does from now on because maaaaaaaybe… his life matters.

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