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  • Drifting Clouds

    Drifting Clouds


    Drifting Clouds feels like a very conscious return to form for Kaurismäki. After his goofy surprise international hit Leningrad Cowboys Go America and the more austere, heavy-hitting The Match Factory Girl, it seems like he didn't quite know which direction to head. But after a few fine but lesser films in the early 90s, he decided, like the characters in this film, that when all else fails, it's best to stick to what you're good at. So he went back…

  • The Man Without a Past

    The Man Without a Past


    With Kaurismäki it’s not so much rich vs. poor; it’s people who can exercise power over others vs. the utterly disenfranchised. It’s not the wealthy, per se, who are bad; it’s anybody whose position of authority and selfish interests allow them to callously destroy other people’s lives. The list of Kaurismaki’s four favorite scapegoats for all of society’s ills is as follows: 1) Banks, 2) Government Institutions, 3) Bosses, 4) Street Thugs. Sakari Kuosmanen (who I’ve only recently started to…

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  • Pressure Point

    Pressure Point


    Not exaggerating when I say that the most incisive analysis of what's happening in America today is a film that was made 59 years ago. Just when you think your guts have been churned to the maximum by how little things have changed in the intervening years, here come another dozen revelations about how Trump and his supporters have always and will always exist.

  • Ecto Petrol Patrol

    Ecto Petrol Patrol

    Watched this colorful nutso fun little animation that speeds by much too quickly to get any real sense of what it's all about in order to log my viewing of Matthew Thurber's 50 minute mostly live-action film Fleegix that's not on Letterboxd. It's a super low budget, amateurishly acted, poorly lit, mostly silent (with sound effects/semi-musical accompaniment) 16mm adaptation of a Daniel Pinkwater book I read 35 years ago. It has no interest in making its complex narrative at all…

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  • The Strange One

    The Strange One


    Playing out like an adaptation of the most sadistic play Tennessee Williams never wrote, THE STRANGE ONE is almost completely incoherent dramatically if you don't foreground the homosexual subtext. And, like most Williams adaptations, even when you decrypt most of the gay coding in the film, you still find some of the events that transpire a bit mystifying, like the depths of depravity are so unfathomable that you can't possibly comprehend what unwholesome passions lurk behind each character's actions. My…

  • The Seventh Seal

    The Seventh Seal


    Greatest artistic achievement in the history of cinema? Yeah, probably. Greatest artistic achievement in my nine years of being a father? Punishing my button-pushing son by giving him the option of watching The Seventh Seal or nothing for his screen time tonight. I'm proud of him for sticking with it 'til the end and even though he said he hated it, he could still tell me what meaningful deed the knight accomplished by playing chess with Death, so I know…