Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★

How does Tom Cruise defy aging? I mean, besides his contract with the devil and dealings with intergalactic space lords?

The answer is this: He spends 90% of his screen time running. The remaining 10% is for loonily jumping on couches.

On this particular occasion, he ran into an astonishingly well-made sci-fi actioner. Far exceeding expectations and placing itself leagues ahead from, say, the derivative Oblivion.

You'd be mistaken, like I first was, to take it at face value. Associations to other films (Groundhog Day being the most mentioned and obvious parallel) may be inescapable, but it's in the inspired kind of sense; a fresh new spin on a previously explored high concept.

Then there's Emily Blunt with her Buster Sword, channeling a female Cloud Strife. Great rapport between her and Cruise. I also loved the whole "grunts with rough attitudes à la Aliens" feel. Bill Paxton and the works.

Surprisingly, the repetition factor never irritates. A feat owed to some truly brilliant editing. The action is awesome, if relatively small-scale compared to what we're used to from most summer spectacles. It allowed, however, for a more physically palpable, intimate atmosphere.

High on laughs and thrills alike, all the praise is certainly warranted. A great, impressive white-knuckle ride, there's one thing you can count on as sure as a constantly kinetic Cruise: Edge of Tomorrow will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Just remember to keep running, Tom. Or time may finally catch up with you.

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