Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★½

Hasta la vista, baby! If there's one thing that can be said about creative genius James Cameron, it's that he's one of exceptionally few directors in Hollywood who gives the word "sequel" a good name.

I love the original and think it's a great film, but this is by far my favorite in the series. For while the first movie is marked by an inescapable 80's feel, "T2" has truly stood the test of time. Particularly in the SFX department, where its groundbreaking CGI still holds up to a highly convincing degree.

Add to that an iconic performance by a cooler-than-ever Arnold Schwarzenegger, joined by an equally memorable turn by a chilling Robert Patrick (playing the T-1000), and there's no question as to how it gained its world-wide popularity. Because who other than Arnie could take a seemingly mundane phrase like "I'll be back" and turn it into a classic movie line, repeated to infinity.

A masterpiece of a sci-fi film, with some of the greatest, most thrilling action sequences ever made for modern cinema. The kind you can watch an endless amount of times, if only to hear Arnold say his famous lines once more.

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