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  • Sudden Manhattan

    Sudden Manhattan


    Could become my fave AS film of hers...ongoing film festival emerging. This one a must because she writes, directs, and acts in this one. If we're going to get a sense of Adienne Shelly's thoughts and writing, this is it. More to come, just watched it today.

  • The Book of Delights

    The Book of Delights


    After several weeks' digestions. The Book of Delights has become my favourite film of the 2021 Vancouver International Film Festival.

  • Wildlife



    A slice of life film as seen through the experiences of a 14 year old boy. He is at the centre of this film, surrounded by the performances of two amazing actors, Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal. But it is Mulligan's film. Such a nuanced story brought to life by these actors! And I mean nuanced in a good way. I am not a fan of 'in your face' films which are so common these days.
    Nuanced means a complex…

  • Black Bear

    Black Bear


    A long time admirer of Audrey Plaza's work, I was so jazzed to be able to see this film during VIFF 2020. Plus there was a fascinating Q & A with her and others (I don't remember).
    The weird turns this story took was what got me so excited about the film. Plaza is excellent, especially in that pivotal scene near the end.
    The open ended questions the film presented were fascinating, not frustrating as some can be.
    The dynamics of the acting company were superb. I loved at one point the 'behind-the-scenes' ness of if all.
    All part of the amazing script and acting. Thank you!

  • Beans



    The personal story of 'Beans,' an indigenous young woman entering her adolescent years coupled with the historical struggle around the Oka Crisis made this an outstanding experience for me. To add to it, and why I initially chose to watch it, was the performance of Kiawentiio as 'Beans.'
    She had done such great work in CBC's Anne with an E, and it seemed like she had grown in her artistic abilities with this full length feature.
    It still remains, eight…