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  • Hellbox



    Hellbox tells the fascinating story, that goes through different time periods, of a box that holds supernatural powers. This might be one of the biggest surprises from SRS that I've come across. Despite its two hour runtime, the story never once overstays its welcome. Throughout time, different people come in contact & obtain this mysterious box. Possessing it gives you visions of demons, madness, & death. We're given absolutely wonderful practical effects. Sword fights that give us dismemeberments, face slashings, & plenty of…

  • Red Lips

    Red Lips


    Ghetty & Michelle steal the show that's full of bloodsucking, sex, & the carpet salesman.

    Ghetty gets injected with this experimental shot. She gets 100 bucks a visit & is told the shot makes her live longer. The doctor forgot to add it's because it turns her into a goddamn vampire. Now shes prowling around the city streets, luring victims in with the promise of sex. What they get in return is Ghetty showing her fangs at the camera & sticking them into the…

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  • Hogzilla



    Darcy, what have you done?

  • The Oracle

    The Oracle


    A woman moves into an apartment with her asshole husband & she conjures up the spirit of a dude that was murdered by using a spirit box in the form of a box that holds a pen, paper, & a creepy hand. You can't get rid of the box. The spirit is now attached to you. Don't let it get in the wrong hands either. It'll make someone see these little creatures crawling all over their skin & they'll stab them all with…