The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad ★★★½

the most comic bookie movie of all the comic book movies…

james gunn is given full creative control and goes absolutely ballistic…

so many wonderful performances here margot robbie is always awesome but she might have mailed in here best harley performance here…

john cena was funny and proves why he is better than dwayne johnson in terms of the acting realm

big fan of david dastmalchian and he was awesome in this flick

as the biggest pete davidson fan on this app he was great in what they gave him, not gonna really spoil anything else but loved his parts

daniela melchior is gonna be my breakout star for this film absolutely great performance here and one that I wasn’t expecting, rat catcher 2 stole the show

I wasn’t the biggest hater on the first rendition of the suicide squad because I was such a big fan of the concept and I liked it for what it was, however this is such a better film and such an enjoyable ride, I was very pleased with what we got

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