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  • O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  • Paper Moon
  • The Thin Man
  • The New World

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  • One Night in Miami...

  • Jojo Rabbit

  • Scrooged


  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

Recent reviews

  • Happy Death Day 2U

    Happy Death Day 2U


    All that I loved about Happy Death Day--the not taking itself too seriously, the actors seeming to realize they were playing cardboard characters and messing with what would happen when you toss them into a horror simulator, the fresh enough mash up of two established genres was just absent enough from the sequel, it made me wonder if they just got lucky in the first one. While it was entertaining to revisit this story, and to come at it a…

  • Us



    After two movies I'm convince Jordan Peele knows horror. In Us he's put together an original premise that is creepy that gets at bigger underlying real life fears. It is scary and it is funny. It startles you and then tells you a joke. And, it keeps you guessing a little bit until the end when you think you're done guessing (but you're not).

    I love the balance Peele has brought to his horror features so far. His mix of…

Popular reviews

  • Fast Food Nation

    Fast Food Nation


    A movie that probably felt a lot more poignant when it came out in 2006. Viewed in 2015 it's pretty much ever other facebook post from your friends that only talk about GMOs and human trafficking. The issues certainly deserve attention, but Fast Food Nation, nearly a decade later suffers from preaching to us about something I am now all too familiar with. Yes, migrant workers are exploited and used so we can get cheap products. Yes, fast food generally…

  • I Am

    I Am


    A well-intentioned documentary about how all the world is connected and consumerism threatens to send us all into an unhealthy stupor by Tom Shadyac, the guy who directed Ace Ventura and the Nutty Professor. While I agree with pretty much everything this doc is saying, and there are some interesting anecdotes spread out over the movie (did you know that yogurt can pick up on negative attitudes?), I knew I would find it just a little on the hokey side…