Southland Tales

Southland Tales ★★★★★

This is like if someone wanted to do a shot for shot remake of David Lynch’s Dune but make it in the vein of starship troopers, have the backdrop training day and use the graphics from a bull winkles arcade game. 

My only regret is i didn’t watch this in Kyle’s dads basement 

Absolute MASTERPEICE. I mean it says Richard Kelly, but it could have been Paul W.S. Anderson for all i know. 

“Violence is a big issue right now in America, and i won’t stand for it. That’s why i don’t do anal!” 

Pilot Abilene’s mug😦

And i thought Magnolia was good! 

Why does Sean Williams Scott’s reflection Not match? 

Top 5 Best worldbuilding right here 

“This is an epic Los Angelos crime saga!”

“Scientists say the future is going to be way more futuristic than they thought” 
“But the New York Times said god is dead” 

I never seen movies till now. 2 hr 24 min run time. This is cinema.

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