Rosemary's Baby

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This review may contain spoilers.

tw: rape

Never in the history of cinema has a films climax ended in the birth of the films own director.

Mia Farrow is the strength of this film. Easily walking into my favourite performances of all time. The actress really gets you to sympathise with her character and although I felt that the runtime could have been 20 - 30 minutes shorter, she remains a brilliant protagonist through out. In other conspiracy type thrillers the lead often becomes rather annoying by the third act whereas my connection with Rosemary lasted until that final scene.

With all the controversy surround this film I was expecting it to be more shocking and mind bending. The rape scene is a shocking piece of film but it really sets this film up to be something it never really becomes and gives away too much of the plot so the reveal at the end of the film just tells you what you knew 20 minutes into the film. Maybe the films age plays a role in the lack of shock factor as I would have become accustomed to the films that the film that have developed on its ideas.

I did mention that Farrow carries you through the film the story makes it a up hill battle for her. Falling flat at the 90 minutes mark the film feels as if it’s chasing its own tail.

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