Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery ★★★★

" While I am not a huge fan of Mike Myers, at least he gave us Wayne Campbell, Shrek and Austin Powers.

In this 90's comedy classic English spy Austin Powers has been de-frozen and he wakes up in 1997 and he has a hard time to handle the 90's, meanwhile his arch nemesis Dr. Evil is going to take over the world and also has to handle with his soon to be evil son.

I need to be honest, I don't think this as funny as it was in 1997. But, I still find this not just funny movie, but also as a clever and perfectly crafted spoof of James Bond movies. The things that made laugh now did not made me laugh back in 1997.

Mike Myers really gives a worthy of a performance as Austin and Evil. As Austin he is basically still living the swinging 60's. He acts like it is 60's, wears 60's attire and talks like... in 60's and yet, he nails not only the thick accent, but also those horrible and comedically over the top teeth.

But in my opinion he is far more funnier and better as Dr. Evil. Here is a villain that is not incompetent in his job, but he is sort of weak at it. The make-up is brilliant and I like how his henchmen and fellow bad guys are well crafted and created dumb ones. And he has a cat. Which is hairless.

The rest of the cast is also well casted. Elizabeth Hurley as Vanessa is good, Robert Wagner as Evil's Number Two man, Number Two is just perfect casting, Michael York as Austin's boss is very good and not to forget Seth Green who does not play Scott Evil like a comedy performance. He really takes it seriously. There are some nice cameos like Tom Arnold, Rob Lowe and Mad TV alumni Michael McDonald. There is also one unnamed galactic princess making a cameo that is almost unrecognizable.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is a terrific comedy and spoof on James Bond movies and really good Mike Myers comedy.