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This review may contain spoilers.

this day was chadwick boseman day in our house and it was a beautiful, but cry heavy day. 
this is how you do a small ensemble cast. everyone carried their own weight and they all had some of the best chemistry i’ve seen this year. 
the boys though, wow. the banter between them were some of my favorite scenes. it felt like i was sitting in that band room with them. 
viola davis. that’s it that’s the comment. what else can be said about perfection in human form. 
that ending was something else. watching him go from happy and ready to take on the world to sad and angry because his dreams were crushed was as powerful as it was painful. 
chadwick, you are so missed <3 
“One, two, you know what to do.”
“He got four of them before they got him.”
“Don’t get Toledo mixed up in this.”

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