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  • Blume in Love

    Blume in Love


    It's hard to think of another movie that so completely shoots itself in the foot like Blume in Love does. The movie spends much of its time early on trying to be fair to its characters and making us like them despite their flaws. And then, a rape comes into the picture. And this rape is treated so casually, so flippantly, and in a way it almost feels like it was condoned. And it kills the film right then and…

  • Obsession



    Brian De Palma films usually leave me a bit mixed to a bit cold, but this is definitely the exception to the rule. Its his homage to Vertigo, with some unexpected and horrifying twists. But De Palma made some prudent choices here that pay off; its far more subtle than the rest of his films and changing one very lurid element helps it from becoming too outrageously distasteful. Genvieve Bujold is extraordinary in this film, and Cliff Robertson is pretty…

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  • Game Night

    Game Night


    I'm not usually a fan of recent R-rated comedies, but this one did indeed work for me. Although I already knew about some details of the plot, one of the main reasons I even watched this was because of Rachel McAdams, and she is in fine comic fettle, a true dynamo, here whipping her way through the proceedings with plenty of sass and charm (even though her reading of Amanda Plummer's notorious line from Pulp Fiction doesn't quite reach the…

  • The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean

    The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean


    If anything, this film is one of a kind. It is definitely not a traditional western, and even with some serious patches in there, its not quite like the new neo-Westerns. Instead, this film blends together farce, slapstick, gallows humor (literally as well as figuratively), social satire, an elegy for the Old West, and the passage of time. It succeeds with flying colors, even in spite of a slightly sluggish first 10 minutes. But when it does catch fire, shortly…