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  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four


    Jesus. Chris Evans has always been a star though!

  • The Endless

    The Endless


    Rewatched to show the roommate who is really getting into time and space sci-fi.

    After watching Tenet the first thing I wanted to pop in was The Endless. It's wild to see the moments Nolan seemed to have the most issues with - expositional dialog, interpersonal relationships and character development - are seemingly the things that Moorehead and Benson are the strongest at.

    Hate mentioning another film in a review but after watching these films back to back it is hard to ignore how they compliment each other for a perfect modern sci-fi double feature.

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  • It Follows

    It Follows


    The first time I watched this I was in college with my (then) very new boyfriend who I was still getting to know. IT FOLLOWS induced one of the wildest panic attacks and the most dreadful theater experiences of my life. Revisited it last night with the same boyfriend (now of 6 years) and realized how much I missed because the first viewing fucked me up so bad! 🖤 LOVE THIS MOVIE!

  • Suspiria



    Apparently, if you restore something perfect it somehow gets BETTER?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

    In a seriousness... this Blu is absolutely incredible. Suspiria has never looked better and that's saying a lot. Hats off to Synapse.