• Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers


    There's something about 70s movies and their look. I don't know if it's the lighting or the sets or the architecture or the fashion or what, but so many of them look absolutely outstanding. This is obviously no different.

    Solid 4K of a good movie. Worth a pickup

  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


    Not really a bad film, but such a big departure from the prior ones that it just feels so weird. Lacks any of the clever and subtle characterization and replaces it with what could almost be considered a strange parody of an adventure film.

    This Max is basically a different character and the motivations of all the characters don't really make much sense. The first 30 minutes is the best, and it just steadily goes down hill from there.

    Some impressive set-pieces, but the action pales when compared to the prior movie.


  • The Bourne Supremacy

    The Bourne Supremacy


    It's watchable, but nothing special. At least it ends with a Moby song, which is the only thing I remember about the first Bourne film.

  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy


    Infinitely researchable for me. Very excited for the 4k release this December!

  • Mad Max 2

    Mad Max 2


    One of the best 4K discs currently available. Incredible color and fidelity. A must buy if you've got a good 4K setup.

    The movie is great too. Well executed action and great characterization with just a few lines of dialogue and good costumes for all the characters.

  • Kill List

    Kill List


    Ari Aster literally just ripped this movie off

  • It Follows

    It Follows


    This is NOT a film about STDs.

    Horror is really the only genre we got left that allows interesting questions to be asked and themes to be explored. Very stylish and intelligent. Also a testament to what you can do on a small budget. Great stuff.

  • Battle Royale II: Requiem

    Battle Royale II: Requiem

    It's rare that I start a film and don't finish it, but this was so awful and misses everything that made the first movie work. It almost feels like a decent movie until the mission actually begins.


  • No Time to Die

    No Time to Die


    Well it's better than Spectre.

  • Platoon



    Okay, but it feels juvenile and underdeveloped compared to other war films. There's some good subtle and clever stuff here, but it's pretty infrequent. Still, not a bad watch and reasonably enjoyable.

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    The Fantastic Mr. Fox works so well because the story and characters are great and the quirkiness does not overwhelm to the point of suicidal ideation.

    Great visuals, but the writing makes you roll your eyes and the vignettes all overstay their welcome.

    This fails where Fantastic Mr. Fox succeeds. The characters are boring. The stories are not particularly interesting. The quirky style of acting really drained me.

    I would never watch it again, but I could see it working…

  • Salvador



    James Woods really is an outstanding actor and he plays this kind of character very well. The film is shot well and really captures the chaos, but the plot and characters are just kind of so-so. Still, another decent film from Stone.