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  • The Fly
  • Body Parts
  • The Brain
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  • Trauma


  • Evil Dead Trap


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  • Trauma



    Argento's Trauma is a clumsy maze of illogical eloquence. Certainly one his most bizarre films it's packed with endlessly absurd ideas and winding convoluted plots. Spiraling out of control it wraps itself into a bloated enigma of madness. For every clunky ingredient there's always a wacky idea or stylish element that evens it out. The moody rain soaked atmosphere, jarring violence and gnarly decapitations, the entertaining supernatural shenanigans, ridiculous dialogue and overall disjointed dreamlike surrealism. Style over substance.

    Tonally it's…

  • Evil Dead Trap

    Evil Dead Trap


    Evil Dead Trap just trapped my brain in an unforgiving vortex of visceral violence! The overall style and visuals check a lot of boxes. We are hurled into a hazy late 80s nightmare packed full of surreal Italio horror flourishes, the creepy atmosphere of a Japanese dreadfest and goopy Cronenbergian body horror. Buckle up for a mean spirtited splatterfest spectacle of spontaneity! Say that five times fast Jack!

    A supernatural slasher that isn't afraid to balance the more brutal moments…

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  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    I think I officially like this just as much as the original. It just has such an awesome feel to it. Pure atmospheric perfection drenched in heavy mood and tension. A mean spirited film filled with grisly kills and jarring violence. Visceral and stylistic dread elevated by great camera details and ominous lighting choices. A great visualization of autumn with its dimly lit streets, retro Halloween costumes and leaves blowing through an abandoned town.

    This movie is further elevated by…

  • Deathdream



    The same year as Black Christmas Bob Clark unleashed this bleak and unforgiving psychological chiller. Layered with themes of grief and complex family dynamics within a climate of post Vietnam trauma, Deathdream is a dense and brooding nightmare. The gradual deterioration of the mind is paralleled with the hideous decay of flesh.

    A family is shattered when they learn about the death of their son Andy in the Vietnam War. When Andy returns home the same night the family wonders…