Fade to Black

Fade to Black ★★★★


Fade to Black is a film I've been curious about forever. Steeped in a mysterious notoriety with that haunting poster art that oozed into my subconscious over the years. An elusive film that seemed to always be out reach. UNTIL THE FINE FOLKS OF VINEGAR SYNDROME PULLED OFF ANOTHER IDIANA JONES LEVEL AQUISITION!!

Eric Binfords' world revolves around film. He works at a 35mm film depot and spends his free time watching classic films and collecting memorabilia. Dudes bedroom looks like a movie theatre straight out of the 60s! His colleagues and overbearing aunt endlessly torment him and Eric begins to isolate further into a delusional world. Film and reality begin to blend together with horrifying consequences as Eric embodies all of his favourite on screen characters.

Yes the poster art lives up to the actual film! The overall style and aesthetic here is absolutely captivating. The vintage Hollywood iconography, old film warehouses, the 70s decor and lavish settings hooeeeyyy!! Not to mention the prog symphony of a score, overly dramatic characters, cocaine fueled harmonica freak outs, and the bizarre yet highly hypnotizing performance by our lead Dennis Christopher!

When he's stalking people in various monster costumes damn! That was some creepy shit! Seeing Dracula slowly approaching through the hazy filter of a shower curtain! I've never seen that before and I was shook! Nightmare inducing visuals all the live long day!

A very unique and unconventional 80s slasher that tickled my brain just right! Yes it's a little quirky and somewhat clumsy but the misteps are just as magical as the high points. Completely lived up to my expectations after all these years. Recommended!

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