Pet Sematary II

Pet Sematary II ★★★★

Pet Semetary 2 takes the mean spirited nature of the first film and coats it with a glossy sheen of 90s nostalgia and over the top dramatics. I used to prefer the first film but over the years I've realized this is what I need in my life. A zany schlocky time capsule of flannel and grunge soaked campy carnage!!

Opening with a gnarly bombastic electrocution scene you've got my attention! I absolutely love an over the top electrocution scene and this is one for the dang books let me tells ya! That woman's face speeding up like a fast forward locomotive darting all around holy moly! Crazy camera FX right there! My brain can't keep up!

Clancy Brown playing Gus is the absolute highlight here. I mean overall the cast is much better than the first film but the character of Gus is endlessly mesmerizing. You hate him just a much as you love him! The scene where he's spilling mashed potatoes out of his mouth while angrily staring at everyone, then laughing, then slamming the table...gets me every dang time! Drew budddddayyyyyyyy.

And those gnarly nightmare sequences! These kinda scenes are what elevated this film over the first. Like a psychadelic fever dream it's just the kind of cheap camera tricks and wacky ideas that I yearn for. Like that topless woman with the wolf head! It's just as terrifying as it is enticing. Love it!

One of the handful of films that perfectly captures those magical autumn vibes. Im vibing! An absolute October staple.

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