Scalps ★★★½

SCALPS! A sun drenched psychedelic trip with evil native spirits, desolate landscapes, possession and a relentlessly creepy score. Even with some obvious influences from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hills Have Eyes this low budget gem remains it's own bizarre beast.

A bunch of college students have travelled to an old Indian burial ground to conduct some research. It isn't long before some of the students begin to act strange as their realities are transformed into a horrific nightmare!

Its filmed in a way that gives it this dry washed out look that adds to the uneasiness and feelings of dread. It's very low budget and grainy especially for a blu ray release. But for a movie like this it just adds to the aesthetic. The score is constantly bombarding you with ominous drones and offbeat synths that create this unsettling trance. Even during the heavy dialogue scenes that score is going off in the background. It makes you think that something terrifying is always lurking just out of camera view.

When things ramp up it becomes a fairly gory and violent film and the evil native spirit is mad creepy. Beheadings, arrows through bodies, stabbings and of some really nasty scalpings. I can see how this film was cotraversial for its time. As the frightening visions of spirits and monsters intensify it creates a visceral and disturbing descent into madness.

A highly ambitious film that accomplishes a lot of unique ideas. It's not for everyone but if you like the more experimental and weird types of B movies you should enjoy this.

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