Boyhood ★★★★½

this film is the most marmite-iest marmite film to ever be conceived,

you either love it

(so much that you probably want the criterion)

or you hate it

(make your dvd present on a shelf in cex or an ebay listing through music magpie)

or simply you remain conservative and appreciate both arguments for those who like it and those who dislike it (probably own the standard blu ray)

One of linklaters most surprisingly embellished films in my opinion (given how it probably could of gone very messy very deftly),

In this rewatch, i think i got a lot of clarity on where i currently stand on my opinion on this film.

In conclusion, I honestly believe that this is one of the most honest and tender coming of age film that I've ever seen!

not on the before trilogy level in terms of emotional connection yet tho

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