Rock ½

I considered not adding this to Letterboxd, but at the end of the day it is a film, and it has every right to be on my 2020 ranked list. Regarding that, I have no doubt that this will be one of the worst if not the worst film of the year. I have semi followed Chris on his filmmaking journey, I kept up to date with his stuff on Instagram and even dropped him a DM about it back in the summer.

With all of the build up from his social media accounts, I really expected more than this. This is hardly a film, it doesn’t seem like it was written and the way the themes are dealt with is really awful. It’s filled with pretentious monologues which don’t feel in any way a part of the actual story. The story is one that needs a filmaker with an actual presence to handle, not some pretentious inept teenager. I feel really bad saying that and I really wish Chris all the best for future projects, it’s just that this was such a slug. 

In no way does it feel like a structural film, just a whole load of badly written exposition and a pretentious level of quirkiness. It handles suicide in the worst way possible, it in no way “reaches out” to those who are depressed, rather making some weird fantasy out of actual feelings.

Chris, good luck with the horror film, please please learn from this shit. I still have hope for the guy as a filmmaker, his “career” surely isn’t ruined but it’s certainly a step in the wrong direction.