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Life goal is to live like the beat from “I Still Love H.E.R.” by Teriyaki Boyz feat. KanYe West

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  • Cinema Paradiso

    Cinema Paradiso

    Maybe I’m a grinch with this type of so-general-it’s-universal nostalgia but jesus christ this fucking movie is annoying as hell

  • Headcandy: Sidney's Psychedelic Adventure

    Headcandy: Sidney's Psychedelic Adventure


    Straight king shit found for $5. The closest thing I can relate these PRISM GLASSES to are those paper novelty christmas glasses that make tree lights festively kaleidoscope and turn into angels. Do not watch without the proper PRISM GLASSES and PRIMO INCENSE. The most intense bonding I’ve ever had with my brother-in-law. Or anyone. 

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  • Forbidden Zone

    Forbidden Zone


    When you look at the transgressive work of John Waters in the 70’s, there is a noticable hositility that seeps through. Specifically Multiple Maniacs and Pink Flamingos, there’s a sense of anger that John Waters pridefully displays; as Connie’s line in Pink Flamingos perfectly encapsulates “I guess there's just two kind of people, Miss Sandstone. My kind of people, and assholes.” John Waters loves his group of outcasts... loves his Dreamlanders, and he’s pissed if you don’t see his group…

  • UglyDolls



    Yes I saw an advance screening of this and yes it was the “musical comedy event of the year”.

    The animation - Stellar! Did you see the way they animate their mouths and the fur around them? Brilliant! 
    The voice acting - On Point! Who knew Pitbull was so multitalented! And Nick Jonas? Forget about it! 
    The plot - Lit, fam! This is definitely why people were so hyped for this film was the dense UglyDoll lore, and I gotta say,…