Grow up Lars...................smh! Looking through peoples review on this film I honestly can't understand the praise this film has received? This film is literally three hours of mentally abusing Nicole Kidman. The story is boring, the themes of the film are repugnant and I REALLY did not need to see Stellan Skarsgård's saggy ball sack!

Funnily enough the one aspect I thought I would hate turned out to be the only interesting aspect of the film, which was the set design. Shot on a sound stage with minimal decorations this film had a cool, unique gimmick. Add in John Hurt's narration and this almost felt like the worlds most boring game of D&D.

Despite the cool setting I hated just about everything else. Von Trier's characters act like wet blankets allowing themselves to be used as props of punishment for whatever nihilistic bemoaning of humanity he can inflict upon them. I HATE this approach to storytelling and it left me reaching for the remote for best part of two and a half hours!

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