Forbidden Planet ★★★★½

Forbidden Planet is one of, if not the most iconic Science Fiction movie to have have been released during the 1950's. It stands shoulder to shoulder with the likes of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" and The Invasion of the Body Snatchers" to name but a couple.

Forbidden Planet takes the "hard" Sci-Fi route, whilst retaining fantastical elements that are associated with space dramas. The film carries a level of class that elevates it above its genre contemporaries due to the fantastic production values. The special effects and set designs hold up remarkably well even by today's standards. There's a real sense of filmmaking prowess behind this film.

However, where this film really shines is in its script and characters. The story, like many great pieces of Science Fiction explores interesting and important ideas. And not only that it follows through on its initial set-up to a fitting and well thought out conclusion.

The film is rounded out by an effective cast who deliver excellent performances. Starting with Leslie Nielsen who is charming and cool as Commander Adams who's leading a (decades delayed) rescue mission to find the survivor(s) of a previous expedition. On the distant planet (that holds secrets of a forgotten civilisation) they come across the lone survivors daughter Altaira (played by Anne Francis) who was born on the planet. the star of the show however, is Walter Pidgeon as Dr. Morbuis whose spent decades uncovering the planets lost civilisation. Pidgeon is fantastic in the role, as someone who despite all accounts never feels 100% trustworthy, and he plays that extremely well.

Forbidden Planet ticks every box in the Sci-Fi genre, it has a wonderful cast that are given depth and character development. It has excellent sets and practical effects. It explores areas of society and the progress of civilisations in an intelligent and engaging manner. it's classic Science Fiction done right, and the fact that its still influential in pop culture is a testament to that fact.

Also Robby the Robot is one of cinema's best robots!!

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