Love, Death & Robots: Fish Night

Love, Death & Robots: Fish Night ★★★½

"Fish Night" is a nice departure from the typical formula of this series. This short throws back to a more primordial, ethereal sensibility instead of the "tech gone wrong" trope. Two salesmen are stranded in the middle of a desert after their car breaks down. As nightfall arrives so does an otherworldly aquatic society. It's not explained if they're an ancient race or from a parallel world all that matters is that these fish float through the sky in a graceful manner illuminating the night sky with piercingly beautiful colours. However, like all living things there are the predators and prey which puts the two travellers in peril.

Whoever was in charge of the colouring in this short did an incredible job, the last time I saw colours as eye-poppingly gorgeous was "Life of Pi". There's no real story in this short, which isn't an issue as it's not what the crux of this short is about. It's purely about the experience. Again, this is another solid short from "Love, Death & Robots".

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