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  • The Mortuary Collection

    The Mortuary Collection


    This was the rare anthology where none of the segments feel like weak links, and the frame segments are arguably the best part. Probably the most fun horror anthology since Trick r Treat, plus Clancy Brown owns as a crotchety mortician

  • The Cleansing Hour

    The Cleansing Hour


    This was a really fun watch. A nice blend of practical and CG effects. Thematically some of the same ground as The Last Exorcism, but with added thoughts on the innately artificial nature of Internet celebrity. Definitely worth a watch if you’re looking for something new this Halloween

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  • Hereditary



    I loved the shit out of this movie despite the rest of the audience in the theater doing their best to make me walk out.

    Two dudes right behind me giving running commentary for the film’s entire run time, people clicking their tongues at basically all times because it’s...funny (?)? Then when the movie was over, I could hear the groans of confusion. No shit, it turns out if you talk through a whole movie, the ending might not make…

  • House of Usher

    House of Usher


    Vincent Price at max goth glam with bleached blond hair, no mustache, ruffled shirt, glossy lips

    Matheson’s adjustments to the story changing it from one of congenital melancholy and familial decadence into something more cinematic—namely changing Roderick from pathetic to sinister—are successful imo

    Corman-Poe-Matheson-Price is a heavyweight team