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  • Antitrust



    A truly outstanding pile of horseshit, totally underrated as the bad-movie classic it needs to be. Antitrust has it all, including but not limited to

    -A soundtrack that sounds like background music to a car commercial

    -A Ryan Phillipe performance that can only be described as "Zoolanderian"

    -Tim Robbins eating Pringles multiple times on-screen for no reason

    -An extended suspense sequence about Phillipe trying to determine whether or not someone put sesame seeds in his food, as if it's the…

  • Vice


    sure do love the director of step brothers trying to berate me for enjoying stupid mainstream entertainment, thanks

    You know at least THE BIG SHORT had a reason to be as smug and slightly condescending as it was. I hate to admit it, but yeah, me and a lot of people don't actually understand how the GFC went down and how the housing bubble burst, it's a fairly complicated issue and breaking it down in a somewhat entertaining way was…