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More of a film fan than a film critic 🤓
Favourites are always my four favourite watches from last month

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  • Okja



    The Host 2: Corporate Booglaoo

  • Voice of Silence

    Voice of Silence


    This was a cute one. Sure it’s a crime drama and it has its fair share of violence and dark themes but it’s got such a light touch and it’s riddled with broad humour and emotional beats so it almost feels like a family friendly film. 

    If you thought Yoo Ah-in was quiet in Burning then just wait until you see this 😅 It’s never fully explained why but he is a mute and he plays it very well. 

    His bumbling…

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  • The Invitation

    The Invitation


    The Invitation is certainly a slow burn but the payoff is pretty immense. A daunting look at loss, stability & moving on in dark, crazy L.A.

  • Burning



    Revisiting this again after making my way through all 5 of Lee’s other films was exactly what I’d hoped it would be. Pure cinematic perfection! 

    Firstly, this is by far the most mysterious and enigmatic Lee has ever been. He took Haruki Murakami’s brilliant short story and expanded it in such a bold and unique way that even after this fourth viewing I still have reservations about what I ultimately think happened to Hae-mi. All of Lee’s films are very…