Nostalgia ★★★½

Obviously this is a beautiful film to look at, because its Tarkovsky of course its going to look good his films are probably the best visually of any filmmaker, unfortunately that was the only thing that i enjoyed about the film. This definitely feels like the film of his that i am least likely to rewatch or to remember much at all about. 

With Tarkovsky films in my experience if its a 1 hour film it feels like its 2 hours long, if its a 2 hour film it feels like its 4 hours and so on, which i usually like if its a film like ivans childhood or andrei rublev, where i feel attached to a character or a theme, but in this film i didn’t unfortunately. I can understand why people do relate to the theme of this film though because its likely a lot of people do suffer with loneliness especially the past 12 months, and they can resonate with the characters but for me i couldn't and it was slightly to slow for me on this occasion.

Definitely worth watching though as are all of Andrei Tarkovsky films, even if it is just to appreciate how beautiful his films are.

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