A Hidden Life

A Hidden Life ★★

Cannes 2019

"God says we have a duty to our government."

"but what if our government is bad?"

(not actual dialogue but might as well have been.)

like Malick made Scorsese's Silence in Nazi-occupied Austria with an ounce of the grim spirituality. maybe the 3-hour runtime on an empty nauseous stomach at 8:30 in the morning had something to do with it, but this was pretty insufferable.

coming from someone who has always found things to like in the Malick I've seen, I was incredibly disappointed by almost all of this. instead of the thoughtful existentialism and opaque narration I've come to appreciate, the film is basically 3 hours of "Nazis are bad" and never develops the message past a teenage understanding of the world.

the best scenes are objectively the ones with a goofy Franz Rogowski. put that man in everything.

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