Thirst ★★★★

part 7 of 7 of Park Chan-Wook binge 

the first hour had some really great world building. the rest of it wasn’t up to the same standards but still this is an amazing movie i would recommend to most. although i haven’t seen many vampire movies this is definitely up there. 

well that’s Park Chan-Wook finished and ngl he’s a really great director. god this new wave of korean cinema is really great and i think it has the possibility to be the best type of cinema we’ve ever seen and Park and other directors like Bong Joon-ho are becoming part of something great.

Park Chan-Wook is a very unique director who’s ideas are all original and executed in a way that just work perfectly. Park knows everything weather it’s how to write a character or choreograph a fight scene or edit music to change the atmosphere of the whole scene itself. i think he’ll probably end up in my top 20 directors. he can be a little weird at times and he likes to use really graphic gore and makeup and he loves a lot of sex, although i can’t really blame him for that last part 

if anyone has any directors filmographies they want me to binge i’d be more than happy to have a look into them just let me know and perhaps i can do more series like this :) 

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